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Artist's Statement

While combing the desert and mountainous regions in Tucson, Arizona, I am continually motivated to paint. For me the desert is a landscape less-defined, a magical place that allows me to capture its essence in a lyrical and unique way.

The human figure also inspires me to paint. Part of this inspiration was fueled by my early childhood experience of Saturday classes at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Seeing the many sculptures at the museum captured my imagination and as an adult, inspired me to take figure-drawing classes at the University of Arizona. Through the years, figure paintings have evolved into abstract renditions of the human body.

As I continue to grow, I find that I enjoy bringing the canvas to life with color, in desert paintings and in those of the human figure. The use of color intensifies my desire to paint.


When Grace Calterone moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1968 with her family, she was immediately captivated by the unique Sonoran Desert. She set out to capture her new environment on canvas. Her early work evolved into her color-rich desert landscapes and figure studies of today.

Grace studied under James Davis and Bruce McGrew at the University of Arizona. With formal training completed, Grace became a practicing, studio artist, and also a teacher. A generation of Tucson children attended art classes with Grace in the Tucson Unified School District, and also privately in her home. A long time member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, she was honored to give a demonstration and also a workshop for the Guild.

Grace began exhibiting her work in the 1980's. Since that time, she has been selected for numerous exhibitions and national juried shows. The Tucson Museum of Art has exhibited her work twice in special collections, Ready…Set…D'Art and in the juied show, Images Of San Xavier Del Bac.

Grace resides on the East side of Tucson with her husband, Dr. Norman Weber, a retired pediatrician. She is the proud mother of four daughters, who inspired by their mother's passion, have found careers as a writer, college professor, entrepreneur and school director. When not in her familiar spot in front of the easel, Grace likes to indulge in golf, dancing and dinner out for Southwestern cuisine.

Paintings Featured in Publications

2012 SOUTHWEST ART, February issue. "Early Bird Catches Worm"
2008 IUP MAGAZINE, Summer issue. Indiana University of Pennsylvania Magazine. "The Barrio"
2006 AMERICAN ARTIST, March issue. "Early Morning Glow"


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